SLD Trio

…”The SLD Trio is all about creating a new musical language based on impressions from the natural andmusical world, but in the universe of this trio, past, present and future seem to coexist. All that is left is the sparkling intensity of sounds, rhythms and melodies created in the moment. Truly music worth hearing”…

Jakob Baekgaard (All About Jazz)

“El Contorno Del Espacio is a wonderful recording that reveals more on every listen. The musical ideas pass by with vivaciousness and speed, the drumming is sympathetic and explorative, and the bass fits neatly between, connecting with Diaz’s ideas and helping to shape Shocron’s classically informed lines”.  

Paul Acquaro (The Free Jazz Collective)

“…These musicians are indeed creating their own musical language, both swinging and abstract, melodic and dissonant, and it is as original and daring as the heroes they salute”…

Jakog Baekgaard (All About Jazz)

Grabación del concierto en vivo realizado el día 3 de octubre de 2017 en Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires.