BA/NY Trio

…”here all 3 members of the trio have an intrinsic sense of trio as a whole and that allows them to find their own space —keep true to their own space but allow the trio as an organism to unfold in natural counterpoint in a well paced-relaxed way which elevates the vast tonal elements of all the instruments to contribute to a sound garden that is clear and inviting”…

Matthew Shipp – (liner notes)

Live concert at Ibeam, Brooklyn, NYC, on September 21, 2019
Recorded and mixed by Randy Thaler
Produced by Nendo Dango Records

…”Shocron, Parker, and Diaz pull from all stretches of their instruments, the most melodic and beautiful to the most inaccessible and harsh. They each play and move between different roles, sometimes leading the collective along, sometimes providing support for others to take the helm. In true nendo dango fashion, their multiplicities intertwine to weave together lush, dizzying music”…

Paige Johnson-Brown (The Free Jazz Blog)